Crime in Vaughan has increased and continues to grow. Vehicle thefts in Vaughan are the highest in York Region with 22 reported thefts in 2022. Home invasions, anti-Semitism, Muslim targets, property damage, guns, arson and the list goes on without a solution. It’s time to stop the talk and take action! As your Councillor my first priority will be to introduce a motion to implement a subsidized incentive program to offer every homeowner in Vaughan the option to purchase an external recording security camera system which could result in an immediate reduction in crime.


The official city plan has laid out specific requirements necessary to accommodate increased density and traffic flow.

As councillor I will introduce several solutions to alleviate traffic such as:

  • Seamless transit
  • Fares by distance
  • Right turn Lanes
  • Reversible Lanes
  • Traffic light synchronization


Our taxes have increased year over year. What are our tax dollars paying for? As your Councillor, I will be committed to justifying our tax dollar spending and ensuring Ward 4 benefits from our tax dollars.


As your Councillor I will introduce a motion for FREE facilities for our youth.

It will include opening up selected schools for summer activities and sports programs.

Our goal is to build additional  FREE water features and  ice rinks and walking/running tracks in our parks. Other activities such as arts & crafts, sports, music and other talents are on our Agenda. Let’s not forget our pets. The Dog Parks in Ward 4 need improvement. As your Councillor I would ensure that our Dog Parks are well-lit, and have water resources and shaded areas.


We are a community and it is the responsibility of the councillor to LISTEN, CARE and REACT to the concerns and needs of OUR residents.

I am committed to holding monthly open forum sessions to meet and hear the voice of my fellow Ward 4 residents. I will always be only a phone call away.